The question of life: “Who am I?”

23 Dec

An Amalgamation of Random Thoughts

I believe that we are all born solely for one purpose and one purpose only; to find oneself, to know who we are, what we want. From Lord Shiva to lord Buddha, every great soul who has ever tasted the alluring elixir of success have this one thing in common. They all embarked on a journey to seek the answer to this one huge question:

“Who am I? What do I seek?”

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It’s been a long time…

21 Jun


Although writing here almost always made me feel lonelier than I was before I wrote those pieces that I wrote 2 years ago, it did give me some sort of satisfaction that I have missed in these two years that have gone by so fast that I am still trying to process the events that have taken place. There is so much that has happened in these two years that I cannot even describe it!

I’ll begin by telling you what happened after I wrote my last article. Briefly, I got busy. Busy with? School, of course. As you know, I was a 15-year-old back when I wrote that article, and was probably a 14-year-old when I first made this blog. I was a content writer even then, of course, even though I sold my articles as if they were peanuts for I didn’t know their true value at the time. You might call me gullible, like most other children my age. However, I couldn’t have demanded a better rate, for I did not have any educational qualifications to boast. So I was happy with what I got, and called it pocket money, even though I spent hours to earn it. After I wrote my last article, I went offline for a while and began concentrating on my school life, which, by the way, was quite fun. It was unlike anything I had ever expected or experienced. It began somewhat bland though. I mean, we were three guys amidst twenty girls, and that’s never a good thing. Not to be sexist or anything, but less guys generally means less fun, especially if you are a guy.

Soon, few other guys joined our school and now, we were seven. All of us unique in our own way, we actually got along quite well despite all differences in our opinions! We were few, but we were few of the best, so I guess that is what counts. Together, these six guys actually made my two years so interesting that I couldn’t take time out to come and share my feelings here. Why talk to a wall when you can talk to another human?

Again, I was too gullible then to have known better. Walls have ears, but they don’t have mouths, fortunately. Albeit, writing this I feel as if this place is more than just a wall, because if that is what it was, I wouldn’t be afraid of what all those people whom I am dedicating this article to would feel about me. Don’t think ill of me, I’m just typing my heart out.

So if I sum it up, I basically became much more social than I was before I first wrote here. I transformed. I am not who I was before; and I like who I am right now. Two years gone, and my school life has already ended. I am done with my +2, so it is time for college. Although the college has not yet been finalized, what has been decided is that I will study in my own country. What happens next is probably unknown to me, to you, or to anybody else. Let’s see what fate has in store for me!

Thanks for reading, if you did read it whole. Do reply sometimes. It’d feel really nice to hear a voice other than my own echoing through these pages.

The True Meaning of Love and Hate – II

24 Mar

Betrothed, yet bereaved
is the love of mine.
Impromptu and carcassed,
is the grieve of mine.

The gust of wind,
that just razed me,
’tis that which I use,
to compare with thee.

Maybe ’twas me,
but maybe not.
For it may even be my love,
that left me to rot.

Will I forget,
or will I not.
Questions like these,
is like a curse this disease brought.

Try to make sense out of this poem and tell me what you believe is the meaning of this poem in the comments below. This poem will not have multiple interpretations (or so I believe) because there cannot be. If you need a hint, tell me and I will edit the post to add a hint. Happy guessing!

The True Meaning of Love and Hate – I

24 Mar

With love and hate,

we blame everything on fate.

In greed and in blind rage,

we love the dark, the light we hate.

For in love and in hate,

we see the night, but not the day.

For thyself and thy loved,

Thee deny what thou deserve.

For the sacrifice that is thy regret,

Thou remember thy kins forget.

For myself and the one I loveth,

’tis life for her, for me ’tis death.

Quiz time! Find the meaning of this poem! Let’s see what different people interpret from this poem because this poem can have multiple interpretations (all thanks to how relateable it is!). Tell me in the comments below. I’d love to read what you all think it might be! Happy guessing!

Stories are stories… The way they are told does not matter.

11 Mar

(Please note. This post also gives a tip to all the writers or novelists out there. Please read this to the end.)


I have recently been very much interested in animated cartoons (often called “animes”). I don’t know why, but once you are into this field, you may find it hard to leave it! You will keep craving for more!
And once you do that, you are referred to as an “Otaku”, which literally means someone who is obsessed with computers, but actually means someone who is obsessed with animes.

I might be an otaku, since these days I find it hard to not watch an anime in a day. And in the past few months I have already scrolled through a few animes, watching all of them one by one! Not to forget, I also caught up to the animes with a long story, like Naruto, One Piece, etc.

After watching a couple of animations, I came to a conclusion…

Anime’s are an animated form of a book that is called a “Manga”, which is a comic form of a novel. So in other words, an anime is also a book! Only difference is that a manga can be quite long and can be extended as much as the writer wants. For example, the Manga called “Berserk” was started in 1989 and ended in 2011! 20 years! The long animes become boring sometimes as well, since the maker tries to add self-made episodes called “fillers” which usually aren’t required.
But there are short animes too! The shorter animes have a straight-forward plot and usually do not have any fillers. For example, Mirai Nikki (“Future Diary” in English), Ki-Ba (which means “A sacred place” in English), etc. All of these have a straight-forward feel to them. They do not try to “stretch” the story. And such animes are usually the most famous of all, and also the favorites.

I also came up with another conclusion…

Since these “Manga’s” are close to books, they have many similar things in the story or plot, just like a book. Usually, the starting of a “Manga” or “Anime” isn’t as good as one might expect. And when asked from other people, they said that “It grows with time”. This was the usual answer for long-term based anime’s or manga’s.
The long-term based anime’s usually have a decent start (which can’t be called a good start) but have a nice ending (if they do). On the other hand, a short-term based anime has a nice starting, but a disappointing end (which might feel as if it is incomplete).

If apply the same law to a book, the way we write a book might change! Think about it:
“Why do short anime’s have a nice start but disappointing end?” and
“Why do long anime’s have a disappointing start but a nice end?”

Once we can find the answer to this, we can correct those faults and merge them both to remove them both. And then, we can utilize this answer in our books or novels that we write. By doing this, our books/novels will be much more interesting to the readers. They won’t feel disappointed after reading it.

It was just a tip, by the way. And you can comment below to let us know of your opinions (and answers to those questions). Your comments are well appreciated.

Thanks for reading!

Reason for disappearance…

22 Feb

Hey guys! I know that I was gone for a long time, sorry. I know y’all are like “Long time no see”. There is a reason for my disappearance. Not that I forgot about blogging or anything of that sort. The reason was that: I was too busy to blog.

Now why would a guy in High-School be busy? Well, because he is in High-School, duh! And apart from this, I was also working on my novel.
Numerous projects (that I get from school) + numerous projects (that I give myself) = No life.

I have been doing a lot of things in the past few months, like Mobile-App Development (Programming), Web-Development (SQL/Databases and PHP), etc. But the most important was always the novel. I have been trying to complete it for like an year now. But taking out time from daily activities is tougher than I thought. And even if I did, I had to make a choice on where to spend the time. Though the novel was of the utmost priority, writing a new chapter each day was plain boring. I wanted to do numerous different things. So I started-off with Mobile-App development (which turned out easier than I thought initially). Even though none of my apps ever reached the market, the daily programming in Java polished my knowledge of that particular programming language. Then I moved on to Web-Development (actually I was recommended by a friend). This was not only informative, but I also found out how to move my blog to a personal server (which, by the way, I won’t be doing anytime soon).

Finally, I came back to my novel. But I think I still need some time to finish it. And all that knowledge that I gained during this break wasn’t in vain. Because I just learned that next year, I will be taking Humanities as a subject, alongside Informatics Practices (Java and SQL). I think I just saved myself a lot of time for next year. I won’t have to study all that now, since I already know it. Hopefully, I’ll be over with this novel by next February.

I will be posting a preview sometime soon. So stay tuned!

Bag – A poem that I wrote when I was 6-yrs. old

14 Oct

I was hunting for one of my notebooks somewhere in my closet when I came across this piece of paper. It had this poem written on it, a poem that I remember writing when I was about 6 or 7-years-old. Here it is:


Put this, put that, stuff everything in the bag
People don’t care what they stuff,
Sometimes they can’t even get them back.

I’m real heavy, I’m real fat
But if people carry me,
they drag, drag, drag!
Sometimes I’m angry, sometimes I shout.
but mostly I don’t care,
because you carry me around.

Sometimes I groan, sometimes I frown
At nights they leave me,
in a corner all alone.

You misuse me like a used piece of paper
But I can’t express my emotions & anger.
I can’t scream as I’m besmeared.

After using me and fulfilling your desire,
you leave me in some corner of your store room.
And I wait there, for the day to come,
when you’ll pick me up and throw me away.

Brings back old days. The days when I used to live a carefree life, a life of freedom to do anything that I want. The days when there wasn’t any stress on my mind and no hard emotions to overcome.

Those days…. I wish I could travel back in time to be there and then live that way once again.

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